Be a Part of Our 20th Anniversary Concert!

Leelanau Children's Choir: 1993
We would like alumni near and far to be a part of the 20th Anniversary Concert!  Everyone is invited to come on June 14th, 7:30 to the Northport Community Arts Center for a Musical Homecoming: More than Words!

Folksongs, Fun, and Frolic: 1996
Broadway: 1999
Broadway: 1999
Madrigal Christmas: 2000
If you can't make it to the concert (or even if you can), please consider going to youtube and recording memories of the time you spent in the Leelanau Childrens Choir or Leelanau Youth Ensemble.  Share a funny story, a favorite song, or a thought about choir.  Then upload to youtube as a PRIVATE video and send the linkto  Your video will be added to a special DVD that is being created to celebrate this exciting event.  

Around the World and Back: 2001
Around the World and Back: 2001

Please help us spread the word to all of the choir members and families that you are in contact with . . . put it on facebook and twitter if you are so inclined!  

Madrigal Christmas: 2003
A Musical Homecoming: 2003
Thank you so much, and we we look forward to "seeing" you one way or another on June 14th!

Made in America: 2004

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